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image library

Welcome to the architexture image gallery. For your convenience architexture has created a library of images that are available in high resolution files ready to print almost any size. Simply select the image and email us the code with your desired print measurements. An architexture representative will promptly provide you with a quotation and will inform you if royalties apply to the selected image.

The image gallery is a constant work in progress, so please visit it regularly. New artist's work, images, paintings and photographs are being added continuously.

We are always searching for a new talent so we encourage artists to contact us and participate in our image library by emailing us their work, so we can add it to the gallery for reviewing and purchasing.

There is a $10 fee per image required to upload or make changes to the new artists gallery.

architexture disclaimer

Ownership of artwork from architexture does not in itself entail any right to reproduce it in any form, in whole or part. It is the Industry practice and International Law for such copyright to remain with architexture. No reproduction rights whatsoever are imparted with the sale of artwork and the copyright
of all images will remain with the fine artists represented by architexture. Buyer also agrees to indemnify architexture and its represented artists in the event of unauthorized reproduction of artwork, arising from its possession.

The content of this website (text, WEB graphics, icons, logos and images, reproductions of the artworks, scripts and other data) is owned by architexture and is protected under copyright laws. Any attempt of unauthorized access will be reported to the duly designated authorities and punished as per the norms in force.