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1. How does Tattoowall™ work?

Tattoowall™ is a revolutionary and patented system of transferring colors to surfaces, which was created in Europe in 1994 for the purpose of restoring and recreating fresco effects, murals and artwork on walls or ceilings.  Tattoowall™ can be applied to walls, ceilings, drywalling, brickwork, concrete, painted walls etc.  It can be used on interiors as well as exteriors, and can be applied to smooth, heavily textured (it can take surface variations of up to ¼”), straight, irregular or curved surfaces.  Tattoowall is also extremely time efficient, cost effective, and easy to install and maintain.

2. Can I view an installation in order to help me better understand how the TattooWall™ process works?

The TattooWall™ video presentation, found at will give you a visual understanding of how the product works.  Also, a written step by step guide to the application of TattooWall™ can be found at


3. Where can Tattoowall™ be used?

Tattoowall™ can be used on interior or exterior walls and ceilings. Tattoowall™ is ideal for use in areas such as homes, hotels, offices, shopping malls, sporting arenas, movie sets, theme parks, restaurants,  cafeterias, bars, clubs, schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, casinos, spas, museums, exhibitions, cruise ships, religious facilities, theatre backdrops, children’s rooms, retail stores, advertisements, conference centers, ballrooms, banquet halls and many more.

4. Can I use Tattoowall™ on floors, tiles, glass or furniture?

No, Tattoowall™ is not recommended for use on any of these surfaces.

5. Can I apply a Tattoowall™ or should I take a class to learn how?

Small Tattoowalls™ with no join lines can be applied without taking a course. If you are installing a large Tattoowall™, and especially if the Tattoowall™ is in more than 1 piece, it is HIGHLY discouraged to attempt the installation without the proper training. Architexture recommends that all installers take the Tattoowall™ Certified Applicators Course prior to attempting an installation. Architexture will not take responsibility for Tattowalls™ that are improperly installed.

6. Should I not wish to apply a Tattoowall™ myself, does Architexture have installers that can do it for me?

Yes, Architexture has a list of Certified Tattoowall Applicators on their website at Each Applicator is an independent contractor and has participated in the 2 day training course. It is highly recommended that large Tattoowalls™ are applied by a Certified Applicator.

7. Where can I see finished applications around certain cities?

You may contact us by either telephone at (954) 907-8000 or email at to inquire where various applications have been applied throughout certain cities in the US.


8. How can I try Tattoowall™ or where can I obtain a sample of the TattooWall™ product?

Sample kits are readily available with a choice of 4 various images and can be found at


9. Can I use my own images or artwork?

Yes, certainly. Tattoowalls™ can be made from any image. When using other artist’s images, often copyrights and royalty fees may apply.

10. Do you have images that are readily available for print?

Yes, Architexture has a vast online digital library of images that are ready for print.  To access the library go to

11. Where can I find a gallery of images from which to choose an image from?

An online image gallery can be found at gallery. Please bear in mind that these images are provided for convenience, but they are not the only images that can be used. Personal images may be supplied as well.


12. How do I order?

Once you have decided on an image and selected the print dimensions, a digital file is created for print. The Tattoowall™ image is then printed and shipped to you. Feel free to contact Architexture for assistance in this process at 954 907 8000 or


13. Where can I obtain the exact location and address for a posted course?

Basic course information may be obtained at If you require further detailed information about a course such as the location’s exact address, you may contact us via telephone at (954) 907-8000 or email at

14. If I don’t see a course being offered in a city near me will there be any offered in the future?

New courses in various US cities are being organized all the time. We always notify our customers of new courses in their areas via our newsletter, so we encourage you to join our mailing list. Also, new classes are always posted of our Courses page on the Architexture website.


15. Where can I obtain measuring units and pricing for various Architexture products?

Measurement specifications and price lists are available upon an emailed request sent to with specification as to which price list(s) you wish to receive.

16. How can I obtain a quote for my project?

If you have exact measurement specifications along with the image you wish to use, we would be happy to build a quote for your project. Please contact us at 954 907 8000 or and we would be glad to assist you.


17. How can I receive the latest event announcements and news regarding Architexture products?

We notify all our customers of specials, new applications, upcoming courses, events and new announcements via our newsletter. You may sign up for our email newsletter by going to and clicking the “Join email list” button, or by using the same link on the home page.

Facebook - You may also join us on Facebook, on our Architexture Tattoowall page. We post all new events, pictures of classes and installations to this page.
Twitter - You may also follow us on Twitter to receive the latest announcements and updates.

18. Where can I learn more about your product?

More information can be obtained by either visiting the “Products” page of the Architexture website, where you may find a basic description of the various products available, or you may request to be sent a printed brochure booklet by sending us an email to with your name and address.


19. How does Architexture work with Artists and Photographers?

Architexture works very closely with Artists and Photographers in the following ways:
-Quarterly, artists and photographers works are selected for upload to our online digital library.  The artist/photographers select 10 of their best pieces for upload.  They also decide on a royalty fee that will charged each time that the image is selected for print by our clients.  This allows Architexture to provide variety to our clients while at the same time promoting artists work.
-Architexture, through Tattoowall™ and Urbantattoo, creates sample ranges for artists and photographers.  This means that their work is printed on an exciting new range of different materials, which they then present to their respective clients as new ways of purchasing their art work.
-Architexture regularly promotes artists, photographers and designers that are using Tattoowall in their projects by showcasing their work or projects in our newsletters, on our website and through social media.
-Architexture often contracts artists and photographers to create original pieces for clients, which can then be digitized and reproduced on various materials.


20. What is the permeability of these products for older buildings with plaster & exterior applications?

The integrity of the substrate must be in place and clean for adhesion like any other decorative medium. Tattoowall™ should not be applied to substrates that are damp, wet, oily, powdery, loose, dusty or dirty.  If the building, substrate or surface fails, naturally so will the Tattoowall™

21. How easy is it to repair these products if large areas are damaged?

Tattoowall is easily modified and repaired with acrylic paints, making repairs simple, quick and cost effective.

22. After a few years, how can I get rid of or change a Tattoowall™?

Simply paint over the Tattoowall™ and apply a new one.


23. What is the difference between Tattoowall™ and Urbantattoo?

Tattoowall is the direct transfer of color onto walls or ceilings. It is used to recreate murals, trompe l’oeil and artwork, and can also be used to create a fresco effect.

Urbantattoo is a range of sophisticated print processes that allow for images to be printed onto many different surfaces such as: ceramics, tiles, parquet floors, wood, marble, fabrics, glass, stone, leather and many more.


24. Architexture Terms and Conditions

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